Sunny and his friends on New Year's Eve 2015
 Stealing a shot of Sunny in between passers by....
 We weren't acquainted yet when I shot this photo. In fact he used to scowl at me...
 Peter who sits on Sunny's left side facing the camera is the butcher who runs the shop opposite the Fair Lady. He is always ready with a smile when he sees me.
 Sunny shows off his birds...
2014-08-27 Sunny-1040766 Edit LR.jpg
2014-08-27 Sunny-1040769 edit LR.jpg
 Sunny preparing his fishing nets for the season and wearing a warm shirt since its cold today
2014-01-28 Sunny-1020178 b&w HR.jpg
2014-01-28 Sunny-1020180 b&w HR.jpg
My friend Sunny
 He is always happy to sit for my photos
 Sunny and friends...always smiling!
Sunny greeting me as usual
Sunny LR-2.jpg
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