Matera Residency Project

We arrived in Matera two days ago in the afternoon – 19th June 2019. My student Marika Buhagiar and myself were selected to participate in a photographic project in this year’s European Capital of Culture, Matera. This residency project is organised by Matera European Photography

Matera Day 2-9498.jpg

As soon as we saw the Sassi area, which is one of the longest inhabited places, we were captivated with the patchwork of dwellings, the scorching sun which is just like back home, and the winding roads that try and trick you and get you lost. But then once you find a church you know that you can find shelter from the sun and you are no longer lost!

We were given a mirrorless full frame cameras – Canon EOS RP, together with an adapter and the 24-105mm lens. I put on my 35mm lens since it is my go-to lens, but I am also trying out the zoom lens just to get out of my comfort zone.

What is our inspiration? Day 1 and 2 – we spent it roaming the streets of the Sassi area and occasionally coming up for some fruit, water and food. We can’t really say what we are photographing – the whole scope of this project is free – we can shoot and come up with whatever project we want to so for the time being we are just exploring. Guess we will keep you curious till the very end – that is when we submit our final images.

Special thanks to Harold Felice and Grace Refalo from Avantech Malta who believed in our MCAST Students and offered this opportunity in the form of a competition. Marika Buhagiar was the final student short listed by Canon Europe.