Cuba Laundry by Therese Debono

Somewhere in the Capital of Havana

My fascination with laundry does not stop in my country. On a recent trip to the Caribbean, Cuba to be more specific, I thoroughly enjoyed observing the natives' art of laundry hanging and colourful attire which complimented the buildings and also tells the hidden story of people's daily lives.

Laundry hanging on one of the beaches of Boracoa, which was hit by a hurricane in October 2016.

Hunting for photos by Therese Debono


On Friday I took my Intermediate Photography students to scout around for photos in the Valletta side streets. The theme was colours, but Valletta can be too distracting and one can't help but look at people. This is my looking forward to my students' work!

"I swear I am not posing Ms...."

Entrance to Ursolino Boutique Hotel

Icons, shadows & doors by Therese Debono

A quick visit to my home town Zebbug...found these precious icons along a street which I used to pass by everyday when I lived with my parents...It was a delight to shoot these today!

I trust in you...

Sunny Saturdays by Therese Debono

A close up of my friend Sunny

I haven't taken any photos of Sunny for a while now. My change of job does not really leave me much time in the early morning to check out on Sunny. However this morning I made it a point to pass his usual spot and there he was seated, bird in hand, cigar in the other having a chat with his friends. Of course I then obliged and shot a group photo however not before I shot Sunny alone against the usual backdrop of the Fair Lady Shop.

Always happy to have his photo taken

Sunny and friends

University Colours by Therese Debono

This morning I tackled colour in photography with my Intermediate Photography class at Uni. We tackled the difference between the primary colour in art theory and light. The additive colours and subtractive colours and also our own personal perception of colour. Then we went out for a small shoot. 

Of course I couldn't just stare...I had to shoot too. This is my crop. I am looking forward to see what my students came up with! :)

Impossible Project by Therese Debono

Modern architecture in Hamrun Malta

I once bought a Polaroid 600 from a flea market for just 7Euros. I never thought much about using it, till last week I got tempted to order cartridge film for it...These are my first attempts...and there will surely be more...

Corradino Flats

The shadow is what made me shoot this

Palm Trees near Pavi, Qormi

Uprooted by Therese Debono

The change in our environment, make us feel like we have been uprooted from our comfort zones and thrown somewhere else. Where can I put down my roots? Which environment suits me as a human being? 

Siggiewi Icons by Therese Debono

A stroll around by Therese Debono

Qormi, Malta

Some photos from my walk today. I went to Zebbug, Siggiewi and Qormi, however the latter location provided the most interesting and entertaining shots.

The top one has St Joseph and Mary looking down, they are looking down at Baby Jesus however the broken lamp could also be what they are looking down at!

The image below has Jesus totally covered with the lamp, seriously I don't know why they did not move the icon further down to be visible.

Qormi, Malta

Qomri, Malta

York House and the missing wonders what happened to it...

Siggiewi, Malta

This house above in Siggiewi has its icon protected in an aluminium case with a glass front, however one can't really make out who the saint is due to condensation forming on the glass pane. I would take a guess and say its St Nicholas because he is the patron saint of the village of Siggiewi.

Revisiting Roma by Therese Debono

The very first shot upon arrival in Rome

Some shots I snapped in Rome on a trip in May 2013

City Laundry by Therese Debono

Another brief stroll around the Capital City of Valletta, and in the hidden streets you find this colourful exhibition of laundry...

Covering laundry with sheets of plastic to protect it from the rain

All the whites

All the whites

French Holiday by Therese Debono

The beauty of St Emilion

This time it was a very quick visit to surprise one of my friends, however we still managed to visit St Emilion and the area. I never tire of the beauty of this area.

Above: Some photos of St Emilion which is a World Heritage Site

Above: Some photos taken in Libourne. We loved the small recently restored church and the autumn colours.

Holy Marys and doors by Therese Debono

It was a very short walk in Hamrun, with the students from Agenzija Zaghzagh. They had an exercise in street photography to pursue, and I decided to pick up on something and do the shots you can see its all about Holy Marys and doors :)

The Pink Lady

Layers by Therese Debono

On the 2nd November, Victor Agius, Mariella Cassar-Cordina and Immanuel Mifsud invited me to photograph the opening of Layers, which is a multidisciplinary event at the St Agatha Catacombs. in Rabat. Curated by Dr Vince Briffa, the event consisted of a choir and various artifacts displayed in the deeper caves of the catacombs. I was greatly captivated by the sense of place combined with this artistic event, thus my photography flowed effortlessly, lead by the deep vocals of the choir. Below are a few images from the evening as experienced by myself.